Business and events

São Paulo’s dynamic and diverse economy make the state an important center for business tourism in several modalities: congresses, conventions, seminars, trade fairs, working trips, shopping etc. Although concentrated mainly in São Paulo city, there are several municipal districts that also stand out in this field, such as Campinas, Ribeirão Preto and São José do Rio Preto.

According to the International Congress and Convention Association, São Paulo is one of the 25 most important cities in the world in this regard and was the third most popular destination for international events in the Americas in 2011. Every year, 90,000 events are held in São Paulo, which means one event every six minutes.

In 2012, the city received 12 million visitors, 2 million from other countries. It is estimated that tourism accounts for more than 1.7 million jobs and generate revenues of about R$ 25 billion. São Paulo is considered the main gateway into the country for foreign tourists, receiving more than 50% of international flights to Brazil.

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Department of Tourism (link in Portuguese)