Technical and professional training

The state of São Paulo has the largest network of vocational technical education in Brazil and one of the best in Latin America. In 2012 the Center Paula Souza, the Government agency responsible for this area, had 281,000 students enrolled in high school, technical and technological graduate levels.

The center consists of 211 Technical Schools (ETECs), which offer high school and technical courses for the industry, agriculture and service sectors. The state also boasts 56 Technology Faculties (FATECs), offering around 65 graduation courses. These cover such areas as civil construction, mechanics, computer engineering,information technology and tourism. In addition to graduation courses, FATECs offer non-degree and degree post-graduation courses, and technology updating and extension courses. These allow for the development of the productive potential of different areas in the state, qualifying individuals and attracting investments.

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Center Paula Souza (link in Portuguese)