The energy mix for the state of São Paulo contains an important proportion of renewable sources, of which sugarcane products are responsible for 29% of the internal supply and electricity for 19%. Oil and its derivatives represent 35%. The state is responsible for 16% of Brazil’s hydroelectricity generation, 55% of its sugarcane biomass electricity generation and 51% of its ethanol production, making São Paulo a power in clean energy.

The quality of electricity services and the rational use of energy are considered fundamental in the energy policy developed and implemented in the state of São Paulo. This enables São Paulo to enjoy Brazil’s best indices in terms of supply, alongside major investments in energy conservation and the introduction of efficient systems.

Besides having a considerable number of hydroelectric power stations and an enormous capacity to produce ethanol from sugarcane, São Paulo also boasts the Santos Basin hydrocarbon reserves, which span the whole coastal region of São Paulo and constitute Brazil’s most promising offshore exploratory region. In 2012, 54 new wells were drilled in the Santos Basin, including 23 in São Paulo. The reserves (proved and probable) amount to 25 billion oil barrels.

In São Paulo, energy is also generated by reusing methane from landfill sites. On average, 26,340 tons/day of solid waste is collected from São Paulo residences (2010 data). The state of São Paulo currently has an installed capacity of 43 MW from landfill site biogas, and its goal is to reach equivalent energy production of up to 72 MWm (average megawatt) in 2015 and 86 MWm in 2020. The forecast is that by 2035, São Paulo will produce 391 MWm of energy from solid waste, and 157 MWm of biogas from landfill sites, or 548 MW in total. This is enough energy to meet the demands of a metropolis of 1,5 million inhabitants.

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