São Paulo’s highway network is the best in Brazil. Leaving the capital, this network takes the form of trunk roads connecting the economic hub to all of the regions in the state. In total, there are 200,000 km of highways. According to a National Transport Confederation (CNT) survey, of the 20 best Brazilian highways, 19 are in the state of São Paulo.

A highlight in this network is the Rodoanel Mário Covas, a beltway which connects the highways radiating from the São Paulo Metropolitan Region by forming a circle around it (total extension 177 km). This means that a large proportion of cargo destined for the Port of Santos or municipal districts in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region no longer passes through urban areas in this densely occupied region. This facilitates flow and reduces the risk of accidents and environmental degradation. The Rodoanel is a national benchmark in environmental sustainability.

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